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We have access to all the whole Dutch house market (more than 14.000 properties)

If you are searching for a house and you don’t know the exact way to do research, I could be the person to help you find the perfect home. We have access to all the whole Dutch house market (more than 14,000 properties). And within a couple of steps I can make the project a lot easier. First we are going to have a conversation, so that I can hear the requirement needs.

For example, if you want to live near by Schiphol or Amsterdam, I can find a house with acceptable distance. After that I will send a list with a couple of houses, which can be selected by you. When that part is done, I will pick you up and show each location that you have chosen. And if you are convinced by having found the right home, I will also arrange the paperwork and other cases what is necessary to finish the project. Summarized of what this service includes:

  • Searching houses with your requirement needs (Access to the whole Dutch house market).
  • Pick-up service to show each location that is chosen from the list.
  • Arrange the paperwork and other necessary cases.
  • During the whole process we are on your side.
  • No cure no pay.
The price of this service is a one time fee of € 750,00 + VAT 21%

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